Velvet hands

Beautiful hands, unfortunately, are not always given to us by nature. But on hands, as well as on appearance, most often the first opinion about a man is created. Hands are always in sight, so caring for them is so important. The beauty of the skin of the hands is the result of tireless work. You can take care of your hands both at home and in beauty salons. The main condition-nursing procedures should be regular. After all, if you at least once allow yourself to cancel a visit to a manicurist, in a few days you will notice the horrifying looks of colleagues after such a manicure becomes the object of research. In the women’s team there is always talk about the fact that it’s just necessary to always make sure that you have a beautiful manicure as long as possible and what means you need to use it for. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to never allowing yourself to come to work with an ugly manicure. It is better to get courage and come just with unpainted nails, which will have a beautiful and healthy appearance. This is still allowed, but not more often than once a month. So a visit to a manicurist should never be canceled, especially if you do not work at work in gloves or gloves, under which you just can not see your nails. It turns out that women’s hands are the standard of beauty not only for men, but also for children. Quite often, childhood memories of gentle mother hands, based on reality. After all, women’s hands simply have to be soft, warm and gentle. Only this way you can give caress and care to your native people, just touching them with your palms.

How can you take care of your pens?

There are many easy ways to preserve the beauty of pens. For example, every time, applying cream with hands (this should be done after each contact with water and at night), you need to massage your fingers and palms. To rub a cream it is necessary massing movements, from fingertips to their basis, and further on a back party of a palm to a wrist. You need to do this one by one, then the other hand.
1) Peeling skin of hands. This procedure should be carried out at least once a week. For this there are many tools (special scrubs and homemade ones that are always at hand (sugar, corn, etc.)
2) Do not forget about the beauty of nails! Beautiful nails – this does not mean an exquisite manicure. The beauty of nails is primarily their health. Problems with brittleness, dullness, and stratification of nails can be avoided if you lead a healthy lifestyle, eat well and regularly nurse your nails. The main enemies of women’s hands are household chemicals. To make contact with them more safe for hands and nails, use special rubber gloves.

And how not to talk about manicure?

If the care for the skin of the hands is pretty simple, then nail care is a special art. Manicure is primarily a nail care, cleaning, polishing. If the skin of your hands is well-groomed, and the nails are healthy, then you can easily perform a simple and elegant manicure in the following sequence:
1. Use scissors or nippers to give the nails the desired shape. Flatten them with a nail file.
2. Immerse the fingertips in warm soapy water for 3-5 minutes. After blot dry and gently slide the softened cuticle with a wooden stick down. Remove surplus tweezers. Wipe your nails with a brush under running water (this will remove the cuticle residues and serve as an excellent massage of the nail plate).
3. Lubricate the nails with cream or special oil. After degreasing the nail plate with a cotton disc moistened with a liquid to remove the varnish.
4. Now your nails are ready for varnish. First apply the substrate to the varnish. Then cover the nails with varnish. Do it better in 3 layers, be sure to let the first dry completely.
5. That the nail polish was better and dried up quickly put the painted nails in a bath with cold water for 1 minute.
6. Dry nails better in a natural way without using special drying.
Leaving not too much time for caring for hands, you will always feel more confident and perfect.

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