Victory over Insomnia

Lack of sleep and insomnia – is now such states are facing almost half the population. Undoubtedly, it does not benefit the body. In this regard, with the condition must be addressed.

So what should you do to cope with insomnia?

1. Sports. Begin to play sports. Training exhausting, so you will sleep like an angel. Start with 2-3 workouts per week.
2. Dinner. Dinner should be as light as possible. This may be a vegetable salad and boiled chicken breast. In this case, the last meal should be 18.00.
3. Milk. Before going to bed you can drink a glass of milk with honey. The composition of the unique milk. Drink it to health.
4. Bathroom. Do not forget that a warm bath always helps to relax and forget about problems.
5. Music. Turn on soft music before going to bed. This may be a classic. It is well lulls.
6. Walk. Nothing like this is not conducive to sleep as an evening walk. On the street you need to spend at least 30 minutes.

As you can see insomnia can give a fitting rebuff. The main thing to know the secrets.

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