Visit to the Solarium

At present, more and more women using tanning facilities. It is very fashionable in the winter if you will have a golden skin tone. Most often, only women with a good salary can afford it. But as soon as I want to note that before you go to a tanning salon to get your doctor’s approval. In no case can not go to the solarium, without receiving advice from a therapist.

So, what changes occur in the body I was under the influence of ultraviolet rays.

If you visit a solarium very often, the nervous system will be in slow motion. If all do not overdo it, the nervous system, by contrast, is activated. With regard to fat metabolism, it becomes more active. On the skin breath solarium has a positive effect. In this regard, the heart muscle is better oxygenated. So the heart work better. The red blood cells becomes larger, and hence they receive more oxygen.

Lovely woman be beautiful. But all you need to do with the mind. Never visit a solarium with a dubious reputation. Take yourself and your health.

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