Vitamin Mask for Hair

More and more women are having difficulty with the fact that their hair is in terrible condition. Undoubtedly, women do their best to combat this problem. But not always everything goes as you want.

But today we will fix everything. To your attention we will present recipes for hair masks, which will help your hair to become more healthy and strong.

1. Vitamins of group B. Acquire in a drugstore vitamins of group B. It will be enough to buy all on one ampule of vitamin В1, В6 and В12. All these ampoules must be opened and added to the shampoo. The result will be visible in a few weeks. Hair will become more brilliant and obedient. At the same time, they will fall less.
2. Vitamins A and E. Mask based on these vitamins, it turns out to be oily. In this regard, I want to give advice – this mask is ideal for winter, but not for the summer. A few drops of the above vitamins need to be added to the mask that you use regularly. These vitamins will make it even more useful.

Lovely women, our beauty depends only on us.

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