Vivacity after a Sleepless Night

Everyone at least once in his life faced with such a problem as a sleepless night. The reasons for the problem can be mass. But, more importantly, the right to survive the next day.

So, how to feel refreshed after a sleepless night?

1. Awakening. Upon awakening, you do not need to lie in bed for a long time. This will only make worse. Immediately you need to get out of bed and look a bit like.
2. Shower. After just as you wake up – go into the shower. Water should be at room temperature. This will help to cheer up.
3. Warm up. After the shower is useful to make a light workout. This will help to cheer up. Easy workout always has a positive effect on the body.
4. Food. Do not forget that you need in the morning to have breakfast. The first meal gives you energy for the whole day. A little bit of porridge and a piece of boiled meat – would be sufficient.
5. Coffee. Do not get involved in coffee. 1-2 cups of drink can, but no more. Excessive consumption of coffee can cause tachycardia.

As you can see, after a sleepless night, you can spend the day productively. The main thing is to know how and what to do!

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