We are what we eat

On the right and useful nutrition you can argue forever. Some recommend eating only vegetables and fruits, others – human life is not represented without protein, others – are encouraged to consume evenly meat and vegetables.

And everyone is right in his own way. Proper nutrition is a guarantee of good health, because when all substances that enter the body are useful, then the work of human organs proceeds steadily and without failures.

Pros and cons of proper nutrition

Despite the age, gender and other characteristics of a person, one should eat right always. Since childhood, parents have been accustoming their children to the right food and keeping their appointments in time. Begin with vegetables and fruits, and eventually dilute the food with porridge and meat dishes. All this so that the child’s body gets used to adult food and develops correctly.

After all, these products contain so many vitamins and nutrients that affect the development and growth of a person.

Over time, people grow up and choose their own food. Many people start to use “unhealthy”, harmful food, which lays in the body sodium, sugar, cholesterol and many, destroying the human body, substances. But if you, nevertheless, decided to maintain a healthy lifestyle, then we will tell you about the positive aspects of your choice:

“It’s not so boring to eat as healthy and more correctly as it seems to many.” World diets are properly built on the right diet, the calorie content of foods, a temporary and a weight barrier. Vegetables, fruits, white meat, sour-milk products, eggs and other proteins and carbohydrates will help you to strengthen health.  What are the pros you expect:

– First of all, it’s a slender and graceful figure. Diets Dukana, the Kremlin diet once again confirm the effectiveness of eating the right food, its effect on the appearance of a person.
– The next plus is immunity. He takes his beginning in the intestines, and healthy food, as we know, helps the intestines work, to deal with harmful substances in it.
– Also, a person can not live without energy. This is one of the main qualities of endurance and mood of a living being. Vitamins B12 (meat, cheese, seafood) increase energy and give a person a charge of cheerfulness for the whole day, and it is important for us to feel excellent especially during working hours.
Longevity is a very important factor in human desire. And here you can not do without healthy food. Vitamins D, C, E (eggs, fish, nuts, currants) contribute to the human life expectancy, slowing down aging.
– Appearance should also be on top. Silky hair, white teeth, strong nails and clean, light skin are the key to proper nutrition. Vitamins B2 and vitamin D contribute to all of the above elements of appearance to maintain beauty.
Many advantages of a healthy diet can still be listed, but are there any disadvantages in it? The only downside is the need to constantly monitor yourself.

5 main rules for proper and healthy eating

1) The day begins with breakfast. As we already know, proper nutrition is not only useful food, but also accepted in time. Every organism should be charged with energy in the morning, be in good shape. Therefore, a hearty and healthy breakfast is the guarantee of a productive day.
2) Water. The need to drink 2.5-3 liters of water a day is not a myth, because a person is half the water. Dehydration adversely affects the body, triggers the aging process first of the organs, and then the body itself. In the hot season, a person can drink and more than 3 liters of water, harm it will not bring.
3) Do not starve! To starve yourself to achieve the ideal figure of hunger has not come to anyone’s benefit. Eat often, but not enough – that’s the motto of professional nutritionists and fitness trainers. Nobody canceled snacks too. A handful of nuts, fresh fruit, fresh and raw vegetables will help to get rid of hunger.
4) Chew longer. The more thoroughly you chew food, the better it will be absorbed in the body, and the faster it will be processed, giving your body lightness and comfort.
5) Combine the food. This is probably one of the most important rules of nutrition. Distribute your diet so that the dish was either only raw food, or only cooked; you will feel better if you do not combine fish or meat with potatoes or pasta; first of all, eat easily digestible food, and then go to the hard to digest. This will help the body prepare for food processing.

We are what we eat. Watch yourself, for your food, your appearance. Beautiful and healthy people always stood out in society. Eat right and stay healthy.

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