We control the appetite, which prevents to be slim

Appetite is the weakest place in the human body, with which it is almost impossible to fight.

But there are several simple rules, the fulfillment of which guarantees the suppression of appetite and its desire to constantly overeat. So, if you follow these simple rules, then very soon you will learn not only to control your appetite, but also to monitor the weight that can significantly change due to the correct diet.

Therefore, if you still do not know how to act properly, so that the appetite is less, try to use the already developed rules, which will help you keep your figure always in great shape.

Rules for suppressing appetite

1) Never gorge on an empty stomach. The more you want to eat, the less you need to make a serving. Try to force yourself to eat first a little and wait about twenty minutes, until your body is full. You must first allow the body to rest, and then start eating again if it is not enough.
2) Only eat while eating. It turns out that scientists have proved that if there is standing or on the move, then you are able to eat much more than sitting, so if you need to monitor the amount of food that you absorb, try not to get up from the table until the meal is finished.
3) Eat only from small dishes. Very often, thanks to the fact that the dish can not contain more than your stomach, it saves from overeating, and also because many people just learn to look at food in a new way, it no longer exists for them, as something that can satisfy hunger. Now the food in most cases becomes something like fuel in order to continue to live and enjoy what you do every day. So, the smaller your dish is, the more often you will have to eat, which just corresponds to all the signs of a healthy diet.
4) Everything you eat must be in front of you. Several times a day you have to put food on your plate. And if you do not want to overeat, then try to fit in it all that you plan to make your dish for one meal. Never expose a set of plates with different dishes around them to resist the temptation to eat more than they are supposed to.
5) Do not be distracted. It turns out that in order to never overeat and enjoy food, you can not do something else at this time. After all, when you are distracted by reading a book or watching TV, your brain will not be able to adequately assess the amount of food you eat, which in turn can lead to the fact that you again and again will overeat.
6) It is necessary to completely abandon salt and spices. Most likely each of us noticed that the salt and various spices enhance the taste of food, making it more attractive to our brain. Thus, we want to eat as much as possible that brings satisfaction. It is well to understand that there is nothing more delicious than the natural taste characteristics of a dish. Try to completely abandon the salt and you will notice how tasty food can be without it.

Proper nutrition as a way of life

Some people completely fail to notice that they constantly follow the principles of proper nutrition, only because they have been taught from the very childhood to eat as they should. Thus, their life-style meets all norms and standards and allows you to feel great for long years of life.

So the sooner you get to know the right nutrition and introduce it into your life, the better it will be for your health.

Therefore, nutritionists together with doctors gastroenterologists recommend eating right through life and thanks to the results obtained, to feel how useful it is in life to practice the right things. And if you feel the need to get rid of excess weight, but do not know where to start, then let the first step on the path to success will be exactly the right food.

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