Weaknesses in Food

Every woman at least once in your life would like to lose weight. Someone is out, and someone does not. In general, all depends on the approach and the desire to get things done.

As if there were not, more often than not manage to lose weight for women who allow themselves to weakness and indulgence. What can they be?

1. Juice. It seems that the juice can have a health benefit. But you should always remember that it contains sugar, which can cause harm to the figure.
2. Sandwich. You can not eat in the morning meals are high in calories. It is worth remembering that in the sausage contains more carcinogens than meat.
3. Pasta and white bread. It products are banned for those who want to lose weight.
4. White Chocolate. If you want to eat chocolate, it is better to choose black. It is much healthier for the body. As for white chocolate, that it contains a lot of sugar and oil.
5. Popcorn. This product contains a lot of calories. Besides, it adds special substances that encourage to eat more.

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