Weapons of Sexy Woman

1012201611Every woman wants to fascinate men. But not everyone knows the rules, which can help in this difficult matter.

So, let’s see how to seduce a man?

1. Little Black Dress. In your wardrobe must be present dress, wearing that, you will always be in pole position.
2. Spirits. The aroma should always accompany your. No wonder they say that a man falls in love at first scent of a woman, then it itself.
3. Nail polish. Your hands and Nails should always be in perfect condition. Watch this.
4. Lipstick. Lips – that’s what excites men. Covering their light shine for lips with a shimmering effect.
5. Underwear. Your underwear should always be perfect. Choose lace underwear – it is always sexy and erotic.
6. High Heel. The woman who wears high-heeled shoes always looks more attractive.
7. Makeup. Do not leave the house without makeup. You should always look good.
8. Hair. Hair – it’s your faithful companion for life. It is important that hair roots have always been touched up.
9. Speech. Keep track of your speech. Speak correctly and without errors.
10. Smile. Smile, because in front of a smiling woman is difficult to resist.

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