Website birthday

Today our website is 2 years old since we began to broadcast for you. Together we have overcome many tops which have helped to achieve notable result in many directions.

We hope that we haven’t brought you. We will try to show further to you all novelties of the world of weight loss, stay in touch!

Use bananas daily

Far back in the past banana as fruit, was not available to sales in many countries. Especially it was noticeable in the former USSR. However after disintegration of the union, doors have been open for trade relations with various countries. Business and for bananas has so reached.

Today, probably, even on the northern field it is possible to find this excellent product in shops on counters. And it is very good. Scientists from the USA have confirmed its irreplaceable value in a diet of daily food. According to experts, banana is necessary to many people for maintenance of a normal self-assessment, thanks to the fact that it promotes release of serotonin. The person who eats bananas much more happily those who don’t use them.

Besides, scientists note that it is a low-calorie product, has excellent qualities for satisfying of hunger at several o’clock. Bananas are rich with vitamin B, potassium and calcium. Are recommended for the use for all people with heart problems, and digestive tract. Also he brings toxins out of an organism, improves a metabolism, does skin and nails it is much better.