Weight Gain

231120169Many women tend to lose weight. But why so few articles devoted to those who want, on the contrary, a little weight gain. This issue is also very relevant and prevalent.

So, how can you gain a few kilos to become a more attractive woman?

1. Bad habits. If a person wants to gain weight, then you need to give up smoking and alcohol. Note from addictions should be discarded, not only for those who want to gain weight.
2. Movement. Try to move more. Walking will be very useful for the whole organism. It is not necessary to spend the evening at the computer.
3. Sleep. Healthy sleep is extremely important for a person who wants to gain weight. Do not ignore an afternoon nap.
4. Power. Power must be on schedule. Between meals should be at least three snacks. In the diet include such products: pork, beef, bacon, butter, chocolate, potatoes, eggs, salmon, honey, jam, halva, bread. Before going to sleep necessarily drink a glass of kefir (a high percentage of fat).

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