What Advice Can Hairdressers Give to Hair Care?

What do women dream about? Most likely, have really thick and healthy hair. It has long been believed that the hair of a woman should be long and beautiful. If our mothers could boast of luxurious hair, then modern women – no. To save hair beauty in real life is not so easy. There Wonder Cells España en la farmacia are many negative factors that are bad for them (bad ecology, unbalanced nutrition, drying hair with a hair dryer). In general, most women have hair simply in a deplorable state.

As though there were no, experts in every possible way try to give advice which actually will have a positive effect on a condition of hair. If everything is done correctly, the situation can improve. Let’s hope that the advice will be useful for all readers.

How to Take Good Care of Hair?

1. Correctly my hair. Probably, someone does not know, but the hair needs to be washed properly. First we choose the right temperature. Water should not be hot or cold. The optimum water temperature is about 37 degrees Celsius. Shampoo, before applying on hair, it is best to dilute with water. Do not use a concentrated product. Now let’s start massaging the head. Massaging hair should be carefully, but without pressure.

2. Protection from Wonder Cells Portugal em uma farmácia adverse factors. Summer and winter are the most dangerous periods for hair. In summer, the hair must be protected from the scorching rays of the sun, and in winter – from the cold and wind. In summer it is best to wear a cap, and in winter – a warm hat. This is the easiest way to protect hair from the negative factors of a season.

3. Correctly combing. It is extremely important to comb your hair properly. In this case, all movements should be smooth, without jerks. Recall, it is strictly forbidden to comb wet hair, as this leads to their damage. Buy a comb on the basis of natural bristles, and try to resort Wonder Cells Österreich in der Apotheke to this procedure at least 2 times a day.

4. Correctly choose a shampoo. Shampoo should be selected depending on the type of hair. Remember that hair can be – bold dry, thin. Be based on these parameters when choosing a shampoo. If you have any difficulties with the question, contact the hairdresser.

5. Give rest to hair. During the holiday do not dry hair with a hairdryer, do not braid tight braids. Allow Wonder Cells Italia in farmacia hair to recover on its own.

6. Be careful with your hair. Do not make tight hair. They lead to a worsening of the blood flow, and this will cause their poor growth.

7. Apply less color to the hair. No safe hair colors. All of them are very damaging to them. If you dye your hair very often, then they become dull and brittle. Give hair a rest from staining.

8. No diet. If you want to lose weight, it is important to understand that this will affect the beauty of hair, HashFlare kust alustada Eesti skin, nails. When the body does not receive enough vitamins and minerals, it will be possible to forget about beauty. Hair will fall out, nails – to break, and the skin – to peel off. Remember, you can lose weight without hard diets.

9. Eat more healthy food. In the diet should be present a lot of fish, nuts. These products contain zinc and protein. The lack of these substances make hair more fragile.

10. Keep track of your health. All people need to monitor their health. If it is excellent, then the appearance will be appropriate. Consume a normal amount of vitamins, avoid stress, overwork. Try to always provide proper hair care. Of course, it’s equally important to go through life with a smile.


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