What are the Causes of Hair Loss?

Every woman wants to grow long and beautiful hair. Only one desire is not enough, because now more and more women are facing hair loss.

Why it happens, let’s find out?

1. Hormonal disorders. If there is no balance in the body hormones, it may adversely affect the hair condition. Most often, the increased testosterone can cause this problem.
2. Diseases of the scalp. There are many diseases of an infectious nature that can cause hair loss. Most often it is seborrhea and dermatitis.
3. Not only vitamins and minerals. If a person eats enough fruits and vegetables, this problem may occur. Do not rush to buy pharmacy vitamins. Simply try to diversify the diet.
4. Stress. Very often, the stress has a negative impact on the condition of hair. They begin to fall very much and lose their luster.
5. Environment. Negative environmental factors can affect the condition of the hair.
6. Temperature. In winter you need to wear a hat, and in the summer – a light hat. Hair must be protected against heat and cold.

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