What are the Different Types of Skin?

2611201612Every woman should know what type of skin she has. This is due to the fact that depending on the skin type and care. If properly determine skin type and provide inadequate care, it can lead to serious consequences.

If you have any doubt about your skin type, you can always turn to the beautician.

But let’s try to look into the matter on their own.
There are five types of skin.

1. Dry skin. The dry skin is often thin and pores on it invisible. This type of skin is very sensitive to cold and wind. For dry skin, early wrinkles appear first. To help dry skin – it should be thoroughly moisturize and nourish.
2. Sensitive skin. This type of skin is very sensitive to external stimuli. After drinking alcohol the skin reddens. Sensitive skin is easily irritated.
3. Oily skin. The skin has a greasy shine. It may appear black spots. This type of skin is aging more slowly. But do not forget about the careful care. It is necessary to clean and moisturize. Apply rich cream – it is impossible.
4. Normal skin. In normal skin, the pores are not visible, it is always clean and without greasy. Now this type of skin is rare. No special care.
5. Combination skin. The mixed nature of the skin are also common. In this regard, you need to ensure proper care of a separate zone.

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