What Are the Disadvantages of Vegetarianism?

Currently, vegetarianism is very fashionable. More and more people are supporting this trend. However, everything must be approached wisely. Such food is a stress for the body.

So, what disadvantages are there in vegetarianism?

1. Amino acids. Such important trace elements are contained only in food of animal origin. If you give up meat, then in the body there may be a deficiency of amino acids. This can cause heart and bone problems.
2. Stomach and intestines. This nutrition has a negative effect on the health of the stomach and intestines.
3. Cost. Eating in this way is by no means a cheap pleasure. Many products of plant origin are very expensive (figs, dried apricots)
4. Vitamin B12. This vitamin is found only in animal food. In the plant it simply does not exist. Lack of vitamin can cause a disease like anemia.

Before you start to adhere to vegetarianism, you need to weigh the pros and cons. Remember, such food can adversely affect the state of health!

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