What are the Myths about Beauty Exist?

011220168All women want to look beautiful planet. To do this, they are ready to explore the enormous amount of information. But it is worth noting that there are many myths, which do not even need to pay attention.

Only many women do not understand and follow them carefully. So, what are the most common myths?

1.Myte hair. You can find information that frequent washing of hair is harmful in many articles. Just want to say that this is not so. Hair should be washed as far as their pollution. One person needs to wash them every day, and the other – once in 2-3 days.
2. Tone cream. Many women do not use creams, because it clogs the pores. Immediately say, that the quality of the cosmetics does not, but rather allows the skin to breathe.
3. Peeling. Women with a dry type of skin is not purified via its peeling. It is not right. The skin of any type should be cleaned. For dry skin, you need to choose a gentle scrub.
4.Сellulitis. Women used to think that cellulite is only at fat women. Believe me, it is not. Skinny women face it is also quite common.
5. Lipstick. It is not necessary to fit the color of lipstick nails. It is important that everything was chosen in one color. French manicure – is universal.

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