What Are the Secrets of Beauty and Health?

Every person wants to be not only healthy, but also beautiful. Especially, this rule applies to women. They want to look attractive at any age.

So, what should you do to remain a young and beautiful woman longer? What do experts advise?

1. Weight. It is very important to follow the weight. Extra pounds were never adorned and did not give health.
2. Sport. Do regular sports. Training has a positive effect on health, appearance and mood.
3. The greens. Turn on the diet more greens. It contains a lot of vitamins. In particular, folic acid. In the reproductive period, women simply must use it.
4. Tea. Drink green tea more often. It is rich in antioxidants. But it’s best to refuse coffee.
5. Harmful habits. Quit smoking. This habit takes many years of life, and even the skin comes in a terrible state.

Lovely women, follow throughout your life for your health and appearance. In the future, this will save you from many problems!

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