What Brings Harm to the Skin?

At present it is difficult to find a woman who would not want to look attractive. This applies primarily for skin care.

But you should always remember that there are healthy and unhealthy habits for the skin. In a previous article we looked good habits for the skin. Now came the turn to learn about all the bad habits.

1. Do not rub. In no case can not rub the skin. All movements should be as smooth and neat. Remember that skin is always exposed to stress from the sun and environmental factors.
2. Moisturize. Healthy skin – it is well moisturized skin. At what is important not only to moisturize the outside (using cream), but also inside (sufficient water intake).
3. The neck and decollete area. Women have always paid a lot of time on skin care. Unfortunately, neck and décolleté area remains unaddressed. But it’s not right. These parts also deserve no less attention.
4. Tan. Avoid sunburn. Sunburn causes skin overdrying. But all this becomes a cause of early skin aging.

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