What Can Cause a Woman’s Depression?

Every woman can become depressed. The reasons for this state can be very diverse. So, let’s understand the causes of the disease. The topic is relevant and common.

1. Genetics. If there were women in your family who were prone to depression, then you might also face this problem.
2. Hormones. Many processes in the body depend on hormones. Depression is no exception. Most often, depression can occur during pregnancy and after it a few days before the onset of menstruation.
3. Depression that occurs after the birth of a child. After the birth of a child, many women feel depressed. But this state does not last long.
4. Stress. It is stress that causes depression. Let’s note, it’s always important to struggle with stress, so that it does not degenerate into depression.
5. Premenstrual syndrome. A woman experiences a very strong hormonal surge every month. That’s why in this period there may be despondency and a bad mood.

Lovely women, as it were not difficult, try to enjoy and enjoy life. Do not give in to sadness!

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