What Can Extend Life for 10 Years?

Every person wants to live as long as possible on this earth. However, for this it is necessary to try very hard. In the modern world, people themselves are harmful to their health.

So, what is to be done, that life was long?

1. Movement. The more a person spends time on the move, the better for him. Sports and training increase life expectancy by an average of 4 years.
2. Cholesterol. Watch for such a blood indicator as cholesterol. If it is elevated, then in the future there may be heart disease.
3. Diet. Adhere to the correct diet. It is very important to eat foods that are properly cooked (boiled meat, fish or baked vegetables). It is important to give up fatty meat.
4. Pressure. Keep track of your blood pressure. It should be within 120/80.
5. Weight. Body weight should be normal. Because of the increased body weight a person can face such diseases as diabetes and hypertension.
6. Smoking. Refuse from smoking. Smoking is a very bad habit that greatly undermines a person’s health.

Live for 100 years!

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