What Can Prolong a Person’s Life?

Undoubtedly, every person would like to be immortal. But this is impossible. A person can only prolong his life by following simple recommendations of long-livers and doctors.

So, what will help to prolong a person’s life?

1. Love. If a person loves, it guarantees a long life. Love is able to give people wings.
2. Joint sleep. Spouses simply have to sleep together. Pleasure will get both.
3. Calm. Learn to be calm and balanced. Such people live longer, because in life there is less stress and nervousness.
4. Kindness. Love everything that surrounds you – trees, birds, cats, dogs. Show them your love. Animals can not speak and express their gratitude, but they all feel it.
4. Wine and chocolate. These products are able to prevent senile dementia. Include them in the diet.
5. Coffee. Coffee can be drunk and necessary. Only it must be natural.
6. Fruit. Include in the diet more fresh fruits and vegetables. Saturate your body with vitamins and minerals.

Live happily ever after!

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