What can Replace Harmful Purged?

Every parent wants his child to be healthy. But as soon as I want to say that mom and dad do this? On this question, let each of us will answer itself.

But today, let’s see, in the main error of parents. What we feed our children? Most often it is not the most healthy food for health. But all is not lost. It is always possible to rectify the situation and replace the dish more useful.

1. Pizza. Many children and adults love this Italian dish. However, no benefit is not responsible. It is best to give preference to whole grain bread, baked with vegetables.
2. Sweet drinks. Everyone knows that these drinks bring harm to health, because after their use is a huge release of insulin into the blood. You need to drink plain water. This is the perfect liquid for adult and child. Nothing better can be.
3. French fries. There is no man who does not like french fries. The child is no exception. Much more useful to bake the potatoes in the oven. The taste is simply divine.

Dear Parents, teach your children to eat healthy, tasty and efficiently!

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