What Can Save from Hair Loss?

Each woman takes care of her hair. But sometimes it happens that the withdrawal has no effect. The hair is still very much fall. This is a rather serious problem. But be that as it was not good news.

Scientists from the UK came to an interesting conclusion. Sex helps cope with hair loss. When intercourse improves hormonal women and stress does not leave any trace. At the same time, through unprotected sexual intercourse in a woman’s body gets plenty of protein and vitamins.

In other words, you need to make love, then your hair will simply luxurious.

In addition this method can use another additional recommendations.

1. Water. Wash your hair the best filtered water.
2. Shampoo. During cleaning do not need to use a lot of shampoo. Total should be in moderation.
3. After pool. After visiting the pool be sure to wash your hair.
4. Balm. After washing your hair, do not forget to put on hair balm. It will protect your hair from harmful environmental exposures.

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