What Can Stop Aging?

How would like to live forever. So life would become simply unearthly. No tears, no suffering. But it’s not like that. No one has yet figured out how to avoid death and aging. But progress in this matter is still there – the scientists came up with how to replace the aging process.

1. Lift. If the house has an elevator, then it is best to be from it. Load your body by walking on the stairs. It will be very useful. Man completely stopped moving.
2. Salt. To the oral cavity has always been healthy, it must be rinsed with sea salt. Salt is a wonderful antiseptic. It also has a good effect on the condition of the teeth. He will become healthier and stronger.
3. Breathing. Learn to breathe properly. It is best to enroll in yoga. There you can learn to do it. Yoga can help you become richer spiritually.
4. Food. Include more fiber in the diet. Eliminate all harmful products. Eat only what is most natural, and cooked simply.

Take care of yourself and your health. It is given to each of them for us alone and for life!

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