What Care is Needed Lips?

The face – a business card of a woman. The first all pay attention to the face and lips. If the care of the person written thousands of articles, about how to care for lips, few people know. Lips need not care less careful than the area of ​​the face or neck. Especially on the street it is now cold, and it can have a negative impact on the lips.

What kind of care is necessary to ensure the lips, so that they always look great?

1. Peeling. Lips need to be cleaned of dead skin. You can use the toothbrush. Gently wipe her lips bristles. After lip treatments will become more smooth and appealing.
2. Massage. For the lips is very useful massage that improves circulation. So you can still retain their color and freshness.
3. Mitigation. To lips become softer, you can use the following composition: egg yolk, boric acid and glycerin.
4. Masks. Mask based on cottage cheese and cream will have a nourishing effect.
5. Cracks. If his lips were cracked, then you need to use an aqueous extract of celandine.

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