What Diseases Can You Pick up from a Cosmetologist?

Every woman wants to be beautiful. There is not a single woman who does not want this. To achieve the ideal appearance – a professional is needed. Only a cosmetologist can conduct all the necessary complex of procedures. But not everything is so beautiful. Cosmetic procedures can conceal many dangers.

So, what diseases can you pick up in a cosmetology room?

1. Hepatitis. If the master uses a poorly processed instrument for performing all sorts of manipulations, the visitor can be infected with hepatitis. All instruments must be well-processed, and even better disposable.
2. Fungus. When doing a manicure, a man in a cosmetology room can pick up a fungus. It is best to perform a manicure only with a proven master and disposable instruments.
3. Herpes. During the performance of mesotherapy on the face may remain microtrauma. And, if the instrument was poorly processed, then herpes can be picked up in two counts.

Dear women, visit those beauty salons, in which you are sure. And it is best to learn how to perform the procedures yourself, at home.

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