What Do not to Show up Acne?

Now more and more people are facing the same problem as the acne. It’s pretty frustrating when on the face or body pimples. This problem must be addressed.

So what should you do to the skin was clean and healthy?

1. Hair. The hair should not touch the skin. In addition, during the use of styling products (gel or hairspray), be careful that these funds do not fall on your face. This all leads to the clogging of pores.
2. Sleep. Sleeping on the back is best that the person concerned is not pillowcases. In addition, often change the linens.
3. Hands. During the working day as little as possible to touch hands face. In the hands contain many microorganisms.
4. Phone. On the mobile phone contains a lot of germs. Always keep it clean. Wipe it with alcohol wipes.
5. Shower. After a sports training should always take a shower. Do not ignore this simple rule.

As you can see, the prevention of acne is very simple. It is very important to do everything correctly. Your skin will thank you for it!

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