What does Shorten a Person’s Life?

Nowadays, many people are exposed to stress. The reason for this – the realities of modern life. All this has a negative effect on human longevity.

So, let’s see, that in addition to stress, shortens the life of a person?

1. The bad thoughts. If a person always thinks of the poor, it is very bad. His thoughts the man himself driving himself in a remote corner.
2. Purpose. If a person is nowhere seeks, it is very bad. Everyone should have a goal and strive for it.
3. Discipline. The person must be disciplined and be able to answer for their actions. If you do not, then it may have a negative effect on life expectancy.
4. Cynicism. Do not think that all the people around you want to hurt you. You can not be too suspicious.
5. Sadness. You can not be sad all the time, and thinking that the trouble can happen. Learn to enjoy every day.

I want to say that you need to learn to relax and enjoy life! Not all people are bad. Ha planet lives a lot of good quality and responsive people.

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