What Enhances Immunity?

Now it is difficult to find someone who would not have raised the defenses of the organism or the immune system. The theme is actively discussed in the media, so everyone is committed to understand the subject. It is necessary to strengthen the immune system, to provide resist infections.

So, what are the ingredients enhance immunity?

1. Echinacea. With this plants can reduce the risk of colds more than 50%. All these figures are evidence base. Not in vain, echinacea used in the composition of many drugs.
2. Astragalus. Astragalus – it is also a plant that has a good immunomodulating effect. With it, you can also give a fitting rebuff to cold infections. But it is used much less frequently than echinacea.
3. The probiotics. If you drink a course of probiotics (as instructed), then they can be used to provide a higher resistance to disease.

As if there was not, you should always consult a doctor, and only then take any drug or herbal infusion. Be healthy!

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