What Foods are Dangerous to Health?

Today, everyone is aware of what foods are good for you and what does not. This topic is the subject of numerous books, articles and videos on the Internet. But whatever the theme is not sanctified, people can not refuse from harmful products. The list is known to many, but you always want to eat fried French fries. At that point, each thinks – whether that be.

I would like to say that of course, is wrong. Everyone should learn to eat right.

So, from any dangerous products should be discarded?

1. Mayonnaise. Stop fill salads with mayonnaise. For this is the olive oil. The mayonnaise is nothing useful for the organism.
2. French fries. Nobody says that the potato is harmful to health. Harmful method of its preparation. Much more useful to bake the potatoes in the oven. It will be delicious. Try it!
3. Sweets. It is difficult to find a person who would be indifferent to the sweet candy. Each one of us likes to regale her. Only the question arises – why not eat dried apricots or a date ?! And sweet and helpful!

Avoid harmful products. Man – this is what he eats!

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