What Foods cause Fatigue?

Everyone had at least once in a lifetime feeling of fatigue. The reasons for this may be many – lack of sleep, illness.

On recently, scientists from the United States came to a very interesting conclusion – the cause of fatigue can become food.

So, what foods can cause a feeling of fatigue in humans?

1. Alcohol. Alcohol causes fatigue and can cause drowsiness.
2. Sweets. Without the sweet little candy who can imagine life. As you can drink a glass of tea without sweets? It’s unthinkable. But all is not well. Sweets can cause fatigue in humans. Instead, it is best to eat sweets dried fruits.
3. Turkey meat. The meat contains proteins that can cause fatigue in humans. It needs to eat in limited amounts.
4. Pasta. Macaroni, which are made from white flour, can also cause fatigue in humans. Pasta from durum wheat these properties do not possess.

In other words, before something to eat, you need to think about the product brings benefit or harm!

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