What Foods Contain Vitamin C?

It is difficult to find someone who’d never heard of such a vitamin – like C. Everyone knows that when the first symptoms of disease, you need to eat lemons and currants. This is due to the fact that the two products – the leaders on the content of this vitamin.

However, we should not forget that there are many products that also contain this vitamin. Do not forget about them.

So, what foods to include in your diet in order to saturate the body with vitamin C?

1. Red and green peppers. For the perfect snack pepper. This is due to the fact that it contains few calories and is rich in vitamin C.
2. Orange. Undoubtedly, everyone loves oranges. Their sweet and sour taste equally like both adults and children. This is good, because this product contains in its composition a sufficient amount of vitamin C.
3. Broccoli. The vegetable contains vitamin C such as folic acid is important. Its reception is a must for women who are planning a pregnancy. Eat broccoli, and the organism will receive a maximum of useful substances.

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