What Foods have a Negative Impact on the Health of Hair and Nails?

291120165Every woman keeps track of their appearance. All women want to be beautiful and attractive to men.

But not everything turns out just as you want. Very often, the appearance is poor. The reason is simple – poor diet and bad habits. What woman would not secured a care, but the food has to be right.

So, what foods have a negative impact on the condition of hair and nails?

1. Fish, which is added to the land. If you often eat sushi, then be prepared that the hair can fall out. Fatty fish are best to eat as a separate dish.
2. Sugar. If a woman eats a lot of sugar, so you need the pancreas to work more actively. In this connection, it releases more male hormones, which adversely affects the hair follicles.
3. Vitamin A. Separately, vitamin A should be taken only on the testimony. Its excess can cause hair loss. Vitamin complexes with vitamin A did not have such an effect.
4. Lack of protein. For hair and nails are strong, you need to consume a sufficient amount of meat.
5. Lack of zinc. Brittle nails indicate lack of zinc and calcium in the body is not. Eat more red meat.

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