What Foods Provide Prevention of Heart Disease?

Nowadays more and more people are faced with heart disease. This is due to the fact that throughout the life of a person does not care about their health. To the heart was healthy, you need to eat right and exercise (light charge).

So, what foods you need to eat?

1. Pepper. The red pepper contains substances that protect blood vessels and heart from all sorts of diseases.
2. Spinach. With this product can strengthen the heart muscle. Besides, spinach useful for women of reproductive age due to the high content of folic acid.
3. Blueberries. As it turned out bilberry is useful not only for the eyes but also the heart.
4. Oily fish. The fish contains fatty acids that are needed for normal functioning of the heart and brain.
5. Nuts. Nuts are also a very useful product for the heart. On the day you need to eat 1-2 walnut.

As you can see, only a healthy diet can have a positive impact on human health. There is no doubt about sport and life in motion and do not forget!

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