What Foods Should I Take Vitamins in the Winter?

Winter is a difficult period in the life of any living being. The cold is very ruthless. If you take wild animals, then most of them die in the cold season. The thing is that when it’s difficult to get Wonder Cells Deutschland food out of the cold on the street. Everything around freezes, and from hunger you can die in two counts. Wild animals are very sorry, but this is natural selection, and the strongest survives.

Of course, a person is easier. However, due to an acute shortage of vitamins, it is possible to encounter avitaminosis and other pathologies. And already because of the low content of vitamins in the body, Wonder Cells Italia people begin to get sick more often and become sluggish. So there is quite a fair question, how correctly to replenish the supply of vitamins in the body in the cold season?


To the body was strong and strong, in winter it is necessary to consume vitamins in a normal amount. Do not immediately rush to the pharmacy for vitamins. It is best to try to establish a diet to normalize the body.

In vegetables, useful substances are contained in a normal amount. In this case, everything will be natural, without chemistry.

Sauerkraut. Everyone should know that sauerkraut must be eaten all winter. It goes well with the second course. In addition, it has more vitamins than fresh products. Regular consumption of sauerkraut will ensure the normal content of vitamin C in the body. Let’s note, Virgin Star giá cả Việt Nam sauerkraut is best prepared by yourself. When preparing it, you do not need to add anything, except salt and carrots. Sugar and water make cabbage less tasty, and lower the amount of nutrients.

Beet. Unfortunately, the benefits of beets are underestimated. This bright bard vegetable creates real miracles. Thanks to him, you can quickly and effectively increase hemoglobin, cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. Boil or bake beets. It will be very tasty, and most importantly – useful.

Pepper. Pepper is one of the leaders in the content of vitamin C. Eat pepper in a normal amount. To somehow save money, you can use frozen peppers. But this must be taken care of in the summer. In winter, Princess Hair cho tóc Việt Nam peppers are very expensive. In summer, you can always buy about 10 kilograms of pepper and freeze it. Then you can eat it fresh after defrosting or add various dishes (stew, pizza) during cooking.


As for fruits, the most useful are apples. They contain a huge amount of useful substances for the human body. If you regularly eat apples, then human health will be excellent.

However, do not ignore the use of persimmons, oranges, lemons, kiwi. Each fruit has its own unique composition. The more varied the diet, the better for each organism.

Dried Fruits

In winter, a lot of dried fruits are on sale. It must be said that they also have many useful substances. On the basis of raisins, dried apricots, prunes and nuts, a mixture can be made to enrich the body with useful substances. All ingredients must be grinded on a meat grinder. Then add honey and lemon. With this mixture it is possible not only to strengthen immunity, but also to improve the work of the heart. Due to the high content of magnesium, the heart will work without fail.

Undoubtedly, one should not forget about eating nuts for food. Every adult should eat at least one nut a day. All PCB-20 giảm cân Việt Nam the minerals and vitamins necessary for the body are contained in a small fruit.

Rational Nutrition – Welcome

In general, with the help of well-established and rational nutrition, it is possible to prevent avitaminosis. Frequent colds will bypass you. To be so, eat as many foods as possible with vitamins and minerals.

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