What Harmful Products Exist?

Right now, proper nutrition is exactly what is discussed most often. Some argue that only proper nutrition can improve health and improve appearance. Other specialists do not find any connection between the state of health and nutrition. How would it not be, is it best to be aware of this topic? So, what products can be considered the most harmful?

1. Sweets. Sweets that are sold in the store, it is difficult to call useful. This is due to the fact that they contain a lot of trans fats.
2. French fries. In french fries, there are also no useful substances for the body. One fat and carcinogens.
3. Sausage. The sausage contains a lot of preservatives, which can badly affect the health of a person.
4. Alcohol. Alcoholic drinks affect badly the health and appearance of a person. Refuse to use them.
5. Mayonnaise. How delicious to eat olive with mayonnaise. But remember that mayonnaise leads to weight gain.

Finally, I want to say that the article only sanctifies the problems. And already to adhere to this or that diet depends on the person.

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