What Harms the Skin?

Everyone is eager to look after their skin. Thanks to proper care, you can achieve youth and beauty of the skin.

Only, in this matter it is very important to do everything correctly. Each procedure must be performed correctly. If mistakes are made, it will not bring benefits.

So, what really hurts our skin?

1. Keep your hands off your face. You can not always touch your face with your hands. It’s harmful, because there are always a lot of germs on your hands. Do not put them on your face.
2. Remove the makeup. Before going to bed, you always need to wash your makeup. You can not go to bed with make-up on your face. This causes premature striving for the skin.
3. Few water. If you drink a little water, then it can badly affect the condition of the skin. With the help of water, you can provide the skin with youth and beauty.
4. Food. Proper nutrition is extremely important for the beauty of our skin. Unfortunately, many do not understand this.

A full-fledged care and rational nutrition will make our skin healthier, youthful and radiant. Do not be lazy, take care of yourself, because it depends on the appearance. It is equally important to revise your diet, and exclude everything that is unnecessary.

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