What Hurts our Heart?

Everyone should care about the health of your heart from a young age. At the same time, care is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. It is best to say, what not to do to the heart not affected. From what habits need to give up to live to a ripe old age?

1. TV. You do not need a lot of watching television. Most often shows news that make people worry and worry about nothing. The same applies to the computer and hanging out. It is better to spend time outdoors in the fresh air. Uses will be twice as much.
2. Alcohol. Alcohol – is the main enemy of the heart. Avoid drinking alcohol (vodka, whiskey).
3. Smoking. Smoking – this is another habit that adversely affects the heart.
4. Fatty foods. Most eat greens and fruits. These products contain in their composition a lot of vitamins, which are so necessary for the heart. From fatty foods should be discarded.
5. Salt. The use of salt should be reduced to a minimum, and closer to the senile and did refuse.

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