What is a Co-Washing?

261120169At the present time there was such a thing as a co-washing. Many women still have not heard about it, even though in many countries (Australia, Canada), the procedure is very popular among women.

So, what exactly is co-washing?

Co-washing – is washing hair with the help of air conditioning, which is not present in the composition of silicone. In other words, the hair washing is performed without the use of shampoo.

Let’s look at all the pros and cons of the procedure. Note the original method was used for coarse hair.

1. Soft hair. Hard hair will be soft and elastic.
2. Painted hair. If a woman dyes her hair, the color will remain for a longer period.
3. Boxes. Hair after co-washing easier to stow. In addition, they will have a beautiful and healthy glow.
4. Fat. The sebaceous glands will secrete less sebum.

1. Environment. The hair will be more susceptible to adverse environmental factors.
2. Untidy. Hair conditioner with not so easy to wash off, so they can get well-groomed appearance.
3. Splendor. Air Conditioning removes hair splendor, and this may affect their entirety.

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