What is a male hormone?

In the human body, a lot of processes take place, which ensure its vital functions.

But there are some differences in the organisms of men and women at the hormonal level, which in principle and regulate our sex. Therefore, in order not to be mistaken, they were divided and named in different ways. So, it was decided to call a male hormone testosterone, and a female hormone – estrogen.

It is very important to distinguish that if a man has a testosterone deficiency, then he can not be courageous, brave and incredibly charming. After all, men attract women not by external beauty, but by the presence of force in their muscles, although in the future it comes into contact with aggression, which often becomes uncontrollable. But without the presence of the male hormone testosterone, it is impossible for a man to continue his genus and perform the functions that are inherent in him by nature to protect the house, family and food.

The effect of testosterone on the male body

When a man in the body has a sufficient amount of testosterone, this significantly affects his appearance. After all, with the most favorable outcome, he looks like a real athlete. In some cases, without even making special efforts.

Therefore, if you notice that something is going wrong in your body, you should immediately go to the doctor to determine if everything is ok with your testosterone.

So, here’s what symptoms can cause a consultation with a specialist:

– A man begins to lose weight precisely because of the decrease in the volume of muscle mass. This is due to the fact that the lack of testosterone in the body, causes a decrease in muscle volume.
– Adipose tissue is getting bigger and it concentrates more in those places that are considered female, namely the abdomen, hips and mammary glands.
– The man becomes weak and sluggish.
– Sebaceous glands begin to work in the regime of the female body.
– The likelihood of developing iron deficiency anemia increases.
– A man has lost his sexual desire, which is accompanied by a contraction of sperm, and also causes infertility.
– Hair growth on all parts of the body decreases.
– The condition of the skin changes, which become more flabby and overdried.
– The mammary glands are enlarged.

Each of these conditions can occur only in the case when a significant decrease in testosterone is observed in the body and at the same time, the man will not fight for its recovery. After all, if we talk about the fact that every day is worth watching for their health and lead an active lifestyle, it is likely that a man can be healthy sexually for many years in a row. And even in retirement age it is quite possible to go in for sports and lead an active sex life, if from the very youngest to monitor the level of your testosterone, and also not to hope for it. that nature has awarded you with good health, which is enough for a hundred years.

What prevents the increase in the male hormone?

As is well known, such harmful habits as alcohol, smoking, drug addiction, sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet can be the main reasons for the reduction of testosterone in the body of a man. And this means that he can no longer perform his basic functions, which a man should do. And even if the intimate life becomes secondary, the elementary strength in the hands and feet will simply not be enough for him to buy products in the store on his own.

This is a very serious issue that regulates all processes of life in the body of a man and is responsible for ensuring that he always remains what he was intended for.

Therefore, in some cases, when all methods become unable to solve the problem with a lack of testosterone, it is necessary to apply it in the form of an injection. But this must necessarily consult with a doctor, because the overabundance of testosterone in the body is also dangerous, as well as a flaw. Excessive use of testosterone from the outside can lead to cardiac arrest during sleep, as well as complete failure of the body to produce it on its own.