What Is Bad for the Skin?

Every woman wants to preserve youthfulness of the skin. This desire can be simply explained. Youth is a beautiful time. I want to extend it, as long as possible.

However, some habits are bad for the skin. What kind of habits are these?

1. Dirty accessories. Cosmetics should only be applied with clean accessories. Dirty brushes can lead to numerous skin problems. Where the bacteria always grow dirty.
2. Smoking. More and more women are smoking. But, sooner or later they will understand that smoking has a bad effect on the skin condition. Old age will come much earlier.
3. Alcohol. Another bad habit is the use of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol leads to the fact that collagen fibers are destroyed, which means that wrinkles will appear earlier.
4. Lack of sleep. Constant lack of sleep affects bad skin and mood. Get enough sleep to keep your skin shining with health.

Dear women! Proper nutrition, exercise, a good rest, and you will always look young!

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