What is better for health, mental work or physical?

The possibilities of modern progress so much began to move forward, that people no longer simply use machines or robots in complex enterprises, but also practically do not monitor the control of the fulfillment of those tasks before them. Most of the workflow is monitored by a computer or entire computer systems, which are much better at coping with this process. A person has fatigue, fatigue and other psycho-emotional factors, which can make some mistakes. The computer, in the case of problems and normal operation of sensors that log all errors, immediately stops the workflow by sending an error code to its operator. Moreover, it is computerization that allows a person to perform very complex sequential actions around the clock. Accordingly, more and more people start to work not physically, but in front of computers behind large screens, monitoring the quality of performance and controlling all devices. But is it good for a person?

Positive aspects of automation

In most cases, the fact that a person stops working physically, and begins to interact with computer systems, leads to the fact that his mind becomes more developed, as it is necessary to study the work of the personal computer itself, as well as how the process at the enterprise is arranged. Most working problems or errors, the competent operator can immediately decide if he diagnoses the error. The human intellect from this only grows. And the fact that it is not necessary to constantly perform complicated production details, for example, to carry a heavy load, to lift something heavy, to screw tightly the screws, which eventually people get a disease of the musculoskeletal system, as well as a lot of problems associated with cardiovascular system. And the process itself has become much better. A person can not tighten the screws with the same force and effort, which is often the cause of problems of a different nature. In general, the gradual elimination of physical labor leads to an improvement in the quality of the invented part and positively affects human health. Moreover, people who spend a long time at work, then have enough energy to pay attention to their health in the evening. In particular, after work, you can do a light jogging, cycling, go to the gym or just swim in the pool, which is very useful for our skeleton and heart.

Positive aspects of physical work

When a person works physically, in most cases he does not have problems with excess body weight. And if his company adheres to safety standards, in which people do not raise so much weight that can threaten their health, and use engineering solutions for this, then such people are much more active than those who work by intellectual work. If we compare these two production processes, it can be noted that intellectual work leads to such problems as increased body weight due to a large consumption of food and, in practice, no expenditure of calories, heart problems, since it is atrophied as a result of a lack of exercise and fatigue of the nervous system, as very many people badly sleep from the computer. As for physical labor, the musculoskeletal system suffers, although in cases where a person lifts large weights that exceed the norms of the law.

Ideal option considers combining the possibilities of intellectual work with the physical, to which people have not yet reached. Moderate physical labor will not allow you to gain weight from which there are quite a few problems. At the same time, moderate intellectual work, will allow you to develop your brain and eliminate Alzheimer’s disease. This is exactly what a person should strive for, if the goal of the development of the human population is the goal. It is for this reason that you should choose for yourself the work in which you will move and work in front of your computer. Of course, all this is very difficult, since the era of computerization dominates. Therefore, always remember that for your health you need to perform a certain physical load for your body.

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