What is Better For Sports – Morning or Evening?

15111614To feel healthy and not gain extra weight, especially in winter, when human activity is reduced, almost all experts recommend to engage in physical exercise.

However, about what time it is better to choose sports, meaning the morning or evening, their opinions diverge. Since each person has their own individual body, then he will tell what time is best to choose.

As for the morning classes, then, in addition to raising the general tone they help get rid of excess fat, which has a positive impact on the retention of the desired weight. The only condition is not immediately after waking abruptly give yourself a strong load, as during this time the blood is thick, which could adversely affect the functioning of the heart.

Evening exercise promote better metabolism, which also affects the weight loss. But it is worth considering that run at this time of day should end no later than three hours before bedtime, otherwise there will be problems with falling asleep because your body overexcited.

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