What Is Dangerous for Sleep more than 8 Hours?

Every person knows that you need to get enough sleep regularly. A full-fledged sleep helps a person recover from a working day, normalize the production of hormones and just relax. Many believe that the more a person sleeps, the better for his health. But in this issue, not everything is so unambiguous.

No matter how useful the dream, Psorilax Pilipinas you can not overdo it. In all things a measure is necessary. The duration of sleep should not take more than 8 hours a day, and best of all – 7. This time will be enough to rest the nervous system and restore vitality.

Research Conducted

Recall that research on this topic were conducted in Canada. Scientists gave assignments to volunteers. They needed to have a diary, and write down all the sensations that they experience after excess sleep. As usual, everyone was divided into 2 groups – those who slept 7 hours a day and those who slept for 8 hours or more. What did you find out in the course of such an unusual experience?

What Is the Danger of a Dream that lasts more than 8 Hours?

1. Frequent headaches. If a Hair Megaspray Shqipëri në farmaci person sleeps a lot, then he may have a headache.

2. Memory impairment. Memory becomes worse. To remember any information is very problematic.

3. Poor concentration. It is very difficult for a person to concentrate. The brain is hard to get involved in the work.

4. Nervousness. People become more nervous. It is difficult for them to understand what is happening around them. I want to lie down and have a little more sleep.

5. Drowsiness. It would seem that there is no question of drowsiness. But it will be the case if a person woke up on time, Tinedol në Shqipëri and did not sleep before noon.

6. Significant decrease in efficiency. The serviceability is at zero. After a person sleeps for a long time, his brain starts to work twice worse.

7. Fatigue and apathy. From the fact that a person sleeps more than 8 hours, he has a feeling of shatteredness and apathy to everything that happens around him.

8. Pathologies. A person who has got used to sleep for 8 hours a day, can face with pathologies of the heart, blood vessels and pancreas.

9. Excess weight. Those who sleep longer often have problems with excess weight. Most likely, these people have reduced activity throughout the day. The metabolism becomes slower.

10. It is harmful to lie in bed for a long time. It is not necessary after awakening for a long time to luxuriate in bed, Fresh Fingers Slovenija v lekarni as this leads to relaxation, not combat readiness.

Observe the whole Norm

As you can see, the overabundance of sleep also has a negative impact on human health, as well as its lack. Sleep more than time can only small children. For them, sleep is vital. But an adult person is best placed to sleep 7 hours a day. So he will feel cheerful, joyful.

How to Make a Dream Healthy?

I would also like to add that every person should know and observe some rules before going to bed!

1. Temperature in the bedroom. Monitor the temperature in the sleeping place. It should be at a level of 20 degrees Celsius. In addition, this temperature regime is useful for the skin. She will stay young longer.

2. A good mattress. Mattress choose a good quality, which will be comfortable to sleep. The mattress is best purchased with medium hardness. Never save on this purchase.

3. Dark curtains. In the room where you sleep you must have dark curtains. Light from the street should not Varikosette Slovenija be distracting.

4. Fresh air. Before going to bed, ventilate the room. Fresh air will help you fall asleep quickly. In the morning you will wake up vigorously and actively. Do not ignore the walk in the fresh air by the person himself before going to bed. Walking will help to relax, and tune in to sleep.


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