What is Leggings?

081220167At the present time it is becoming increasingly popular leggings. What is it, perhaps, many people do not know? They came back into fashion recently. Previously, they were called – tights. Perhaps this word is more familiar to many of us.

So, leggings – a kind of pants that wrap around the foot. They do not have pockets, and they are made from a dense fabric. Most often they are compared with the tights, but they do not have socks, the heel part.

It’s quite comfortable clothes, but they need to know how to combine with other clothes.

So, how to wear leggings, so that the life of this woman of fashion?

1. Tights. Leggings – this is not the trousers and tights. In this regard, the need for them to wear a skirt or a long tunic.
2. Shoes. As for shoes, then choose the best ballet flats.
3. Color. The color of leggings is best to choose a solid color (black, brown). This option is the most versatile and will not emphasize the disadvantages of the figure.
4. Length. Length can be very diverse. It all depends on the willingness of women (to the knee or below).

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