What Is Needed for Active Brain Work?

Every person wants to meet old age with dignity. However, no one is immune from senile dementia. This is a very insidious and dangerous disease. Now scientists are actively developing methods of preventing a dangerous disease. What is it?

1. Learn poetry. Constantly teach poetry. The brain must be loaded to work well. You can also start learning languages. It is also an excellent brain and memory training.
2. Rest. It is necessary to work, but you should not forget about rest. Twice a year you need to go on vacation. If we talk about daily rest, we always need to fully sleep.
3. Nutrition. Provide your brain with the right diet. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. It is very important to eat nuts daily. Not for nothing because they resemble the shape of the brain.

To be a healthy person, it is necessary to lead the right way of life from a young age. It is equally important to listen to the advice of specialists. They always know how to prevent this or that disease.

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