What is testosterone used for?

Every man becomes a man only due to the presence in his body of the hormone testosterone.

After all, all that he needs at the very beginning of his development and further development as a man is the presence of such a substance as testosterone, which becomes a valuable hormone during complex chemical reactions. His role in the body of a man is invaluable.

Many athletes even additionally inject drugs containing this hormone to increase their sports achievements and strengths. So the more a testosterone hormone is present in a man, the stronger and more enduring it is not only in life, but also in sexual terms.

Functions of testosterone

Some people ask themselves the question, the answers to which should be sought only within themselves. After all, the functions that the testeron performs in the male body come from all the physiological development of man. So, it’s worthwhile to consider each of them more carefully:

1) Significantly affects the growth of the penis and testicles. And as they say, this man is the one whose penis is not less than average. So, if there is a sufficient level of testosterone in the body, you can count on the most outstanding indicators of the male body.
2) Responsible for the individual structure of the larynx, due to which the voice changes. boys already in thirteen or fourteen years begin to talk much more coarsely than girls, which is revealed precisely in the presence of testosterone.
3) Controls the increase in the hair cover on the face and whole body. Boys start to get stubble in early adolescence precisely because of the hormone testosterone. Therefore, the more it is in the blood, the faster grow mustache and beard.
4) Is the basis for sperm. A healthy offspring is necessary for every man, therefore, one should pay special attention to the level of testosterone when you are going to have children.
5) Increases libido and causes male sexual tactics. After all, if in bed a man behaves imperiously, as well as in life, then he has enough testosterone in his blood, which regulates his behavior in all spheres of life.
6) Strengthens the bones of the skeleton and develops muscle tissue. In adolescence, when boys undergo puberty, they form a masculine torso precisely because testosterone plays a decisive role in this.
7) Increases the ability of brain activity, and also controls mood. All the masculine habits and the level of knowledge that they are able to grasp in school, develops only because of the presence of testosterone in the body. Boys who have lowered the indicator of this substance behave more modestly, are not active and rarely show a craving for knowledge.

The role of testosterone in men

After all the functions of this male hormone became known, it is possible to pay attention solely to the fact that due to testosterone, men display aggression and a dominant condition, as well as a sense of competition, courage and lack of empathy. After all, a man in the guise of a real hero always seems to be like the one who knows how to stand up for himself, fears nothing, regrets nobody, and feels responsibility for his relatives.

In the modern world, there are fewer and fewer real men who testosterone levels will be above the average. But nevertheless, it is not necessary to consider that there are no such people at all, so you have to choose from those who are. In the life of every man a huge role is played by his upbringing from childhood.

But if a little boy sees all the makings of the fact that testosterone will dominate all other hormones, then no matter how parents tried, he would never manage to behave well and be inactive. After all, the physiological processes are hard to deceive, which in itself makes us feel an irresistible craving for what is inherent in us by nature. Do not try to protect the boy from his natural behavior. Sooner or later he will still do what he wants most. Therefore, it is worth as much as possible to help him develop all the qualities that characterize a real man.