What Is the Danger of Skipping Breakfast?

Every person is perfectly aware that the morning should start with breakfast. The first meal is extremely important for everyone’s health. It gives a person a supply of energy for the whole day and replenishes the body with all nutrients. But all people adhere to this simple rule.

So, what is the danger of missing breakfast? To what conclusion did scientists from Australia come?

1. Obesity. If a person does not eat in the morning, then he can face such a problem as obesity. The thing is that calories need to be distributed proportionally for the whole day. If breakfast was missed in the morning, then 2 times more will be eaten for dinner.
2. Bad memory. Improper diet has a negative effect on human memory and the speed of their reaction. The brain also needs to be nourished.
3. Slow metabolism. If a person refuses breakfast, then such a problem as a bad metabolism – will not be new.

Learn to observe the culture of nutrition, so that always was a strong and active person. Take care of your health in time!

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