What is the Harm of Late Dinner

In order to feel completely healthy, is one rule you need to learn, should not eat food just before going to bed.

During sleep, our entire body is resting, including the stomach, but if it is the food, especially the difficult to digest, it constantly secretes the gastric juice, which is why there is such an unpleasant feeling as heartburn.

Nutritionists do not recommend completely abandon dinner only is that it must be completed within two hours before bedtime, at the same time, the menu should consist mainly of vegetables or boiled fish, because it is easily digested. You can eat dairy products, a glass of kefir or yogurt, drunk before going to sleep, help cleanse the intestines.

Overeating at night also affects the appearance of extra weight, which recently affected more young people, as the lead inactive lifestyles. Evening walk, which should not be less than half an hour, have a positive effect not only on the work of the gastrointestinal tract, and the brain, as the enrich the blood with oxygen.

If you can not help but eat delicacies at night, then try to replace them more useful products. For example, instead of a sandwich at night is better to eat an apple or some other fruit. It is also very well to quench the hunger ordinary water.