What is the Use of Kisses?

People who love each other, always kissing. This can be called the highest expression of their feelings and affection.

But it is worth to say that few people realize how useful for man kisses. They can sometimes have a greater impact than medicine.

So what is so useful kisses? What conclusions drawn by researchers from Australia?

1. Hiccups. With a kiss can stop the hiccups.
2. Family idyll. Couples who always kiss, much less arguing and resent each other.
3. Allergies. With kisses can once and for all get rid of the hated allergies.
4. Stress. Kiss – this is the best stress confrontation. After a hard day kiss and hug a loved one. This will help to relax and get away from bad thoughts.
5. Calories. Kiss for one minute burns 30 calories. Kiss and lose weight!
6. Compatibility. If a kiss is fun, then you are perfectly suited to each other. All this is happening at a hormonal level and of human desires is independent.

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